Personal details, name surname , address, phone number and e-mail will be kept secret.

Information which is kept secret can’t be shared anybody except for healthcare personnel.

Our company can gather personal details for various purposes. İt is indicated how personel details which were received are gathered and protected below.

After members of our company fill in membership application, forms and surveys which is avaible on website, Grada Health naturally gains personal details like name surname, company informations, phone number, address or g-mail.

Our company may send promotion offers for customer and members of our company about campaigns and new products details. When clients make an application to be a member of our company, they can refuse to give this information if they don’t choose to. When members enter the website, they can change their choice by clicking on the account information section or make a note of what they received .

When members of our company wait for being approved their application, personal details which are electronically taken will not be shared with anybody except for the member with who we formed a contract. Because of finding system troubles and solving quickly the problem which is related to sercive provided , Our campany saves IP addresses and uses them. IP addresses is can be used because of introducing users genarally and gaining demographic information.

Information which we wanted you to give will be used to perform a service for you, but we directly can use this information for ourselves and other companies which we cooperate with. Personal details can be used because of comunicating with user when needed. İnformation which we wanted to give to you, information which you gave or information which you took action for company can be used by our company and other companies we cooperate with because of statistical evaluation, setting database and marketing survey, apart from goal and content which is indicated membership contract, but this information can’t be revealed.

Our company certainly will keep personal details private. Because we want to avoid revealing fullest extent of personal details or any part of these details, we will take required precautions.



Our company give priority to credit card security for people who prefer shopping on the website. Your credit card information will not be stored by our system. İf you wonder if you enter secured web site , there are two things which you need to focus on.

One of them is a symbol of lock or key which is lowest line. İt shows that you enter secured website. All your personal details are protected by being encoded. This information will be used depending on sales process and instructions you gave. Credit card information which you use independently of our website is sent to the bank by being encoded with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and questioning. You can continue shopping if credit card is confirmed . Because your credit card information is not saved, reaching this information will not be possible.

When you order from our website by credit card online, security of payment/bill/delivery address information is controlled by our company against credit card fraud. When clients order from our website first time , their orders need to be confirmed financial information, their phone and address information in order to be step of delivery and transportation. Bacause of checking this information, we comminicate clients who have credit card or related bank when needed.

Only you can reach all information which you gave us and change it. İf you safely keep login information, nobody can reach this information and change it. When you try to be a member of this company, you can safely perfom an operation with 128 bit SSL. İt is a international coding system and there is no possiblity for breaking the cod.

Marketting websites which have customer services or verse line and which is indicated phone and full address information are more preferable nowadays. You can get details which you want to ask. You can get information about reliability of company which provides online service .

Note : We recommend that you should control marketting websites if there are phone number and full address. Before shopping, you should take a note of company’s address and phone when you buy product. İf you dont trust, you can communicate with our companyby phoning before shopping. İt is indicated place of company and all information about all online websites



İdentity and credit card information which you will send with method of credit card mail-order will be kept secretly by our company. This information will be kept wainting 60 days in case somebody refuse to get money out of the bank. You can absolutely refuse to the bank if your money is withdrawed except for costs of product which you bought and being approved mail-order form by you. Because you can avoid being paid this cost, it is not a risk.



Our company can give link to other websites like we do our website. Our company is not be responsible for other websites which are reached through this link and contents of these websites’confidentiality agreements. Published on the website, the advertisements which are belong to our company was sent to users by advertiser which we cooperate. Principle of confidentiality which we have is only belong to our company. İt does not include other websites.



Our company can explain personal details when there are certain circumstances except for privacy policy. There are 4 certain circumstances.

1- First one is to obey law,decree,instructions which are issued by competent authority and effective rules of law obligations

2- Second one is to do membership contract which we prepare for you and other contract requirements

3- Third one is to ask personal information with purpose of being conducted investigation and research by authorized officer and judiciary

4- Fourth one is to give information because of protecting users right and providing security.



Don’t give your password and credit card number to our customer services when you send e-mail about your orders, because this information can be seen by other people. Our company is not responsible for information which you send an e-mail.



Our company can get information by using ‘Cookie’ about our company, users who visit our web site and using of web site. The tecnical communication files is stored primary storage and it is a smal text file that may be sent from the website’s computer to your browser. Because circumstance and preference about tecnical communication files is stored, that makes easier using of internet.

The tecnical communication files helps to find how many people visit the website, how much times they visit the website ,how much time they stay website and what is their purpose for visting the website. Also, İt helps to advertise and add content from specially designed users page. . The tecnical communication files is not made for getting information about primary memory, e-mail and anything. Many browser are designed to be fully compatible to accept the tecnical communication files, but if users want to not take the tecnical communication file or recieve a warning when the tecnical communication files is sent , they change settigs.

Our company can change ‘’confidentiality agreement’’ anytime because of publishing on website or sending an e-mail to users. İf ‘confidentiality agreement’ is changed, it directly will be effective.

You can send e-mail if you have questions or suggestios about confidentiality agreement e-mail adress.